About The Database

It's safe to say I've tried a few different tequilas over the past few years and I was always wondering how I could really document which ones I've tried, which ones I've liked, and which I would recommend. I've also been wondering lately if I could build a database from scratch, represent it on my website, and build out an interface for me to add to it and show the data. That's exactly what this is. I'm still working on adding in the data and fine tuning things, but I think you get the idea now.

You might be saying to yourself -- it's not that hard to create a table in HTML and add rows, data and some style to it. And you're right, it's not. While that may be what this looks like at face value, I spent a lot of time learning enough SQL and PHP to securely connect into my database, select, order, and represent data all from the comfort of this very page. While not groundbreaking, it was a lot of fun to figure it out and brush up on some rusty skills in the process. But enough about this project, on to the data.

Tequilas I've Tried

I know this list is pretty long, but just know that this is an experiment in building and representing a database more than anything else. Think of all the work that went into adding in all of the content (and all the sips I suffered through to get to where this list is at today).

Tequila Name Tequila Type Price Flavor Profile Buy Again Stars
AvionExtra Anejo$119.99VanillaYes9
Cava De OroReposado$049.99Sweet, Vanilla, Light, Clean, SmoothYes7
Cava De OroExtra Anejo$099.99VanillaYes10
Cava De OroCristalino$109.99Sweet, VanillaYes8
CazadoresCristalino$039.99Sweet, Smokey, Smooth, Light, LimonYes7
CincoroAnejo$120.00Sweet, VanillaYes10
CorcelAnejo$059.99Sweet, VanillaMaybe6
Dame Mas ReservaExtra Anejo$159.99Very Smooth, Light Honey, Oak, 5 Years AgedYes10
DobelAnejo$049.99Cinnamon, SmokeyYes7
Don Julio 1942Anejo$049.99Caramel, Vanilla, Smokey, SpiceYes9
Don Julio 1942Extra Anejo$124.99Vanilla, SpiceyYes9
Don Julio RealExtra Anejo$369.99Light Smoke, Sweet, Very Smooth, LightNo8
El TesoroAnejo$039.99Sweet, Slightly Smokey, Light, Clean, SmoothYes8
G4Anejo$079.99Heavy Citrus, Spicey Finish, Mildly Smokey, Smooth, LightYes9
HerraduraCristalino$059.99Clean, Citrus, SmokeYes8
Herradura LegendAnejo$129.99Very Smokey, SweetYes7
Jose CuervoReposado$019.99SmokeyNo1
Los RijosAnejo$049.99Light, SmokeMaybe6
NosotrosReposado$036.99Light Smoke, Vanilla, Sweet End, Caramel, SpiceYes7
Senor De Los CielosCristalino$047.99Smooth, Citrus, Sour, Light, SweetYes6
Tequila OchoAnejo$064.99Smooth, Smokey, Light, RefreshingYes7
Tierra SagradaExtra Anejo$089.99Sweet, Smooth, Honey, Warmth, VanillaYes10
Tres GeneracionesAnejo$049.99Light, SmokeMaybe6

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